Polish series 'The Bay of Spies' wraps production

Telewizja Polska (TVP), announced today, December 13, that production has been completed on its Second World War historical thriller

By Gabriella Geisinger 13 Dec 2023

Polish series 'The Bay of Spies' wraps production
The Bay Of Spies; Cr: TVP

Set in 1940s Gdynia, The Bay of Spies is directed by Michał Rogalski.

Based on true events, the series (locally called Zatoka Szpiegów) follows Franz Neumann (played by Bartosz Gelner), a young Nazi Abwehr officer, who discovers that his real father was Polish. Using this information to his advantage Franz becomes a spy for the Allies with the code name ‘Got’.

His task is to obtain information about the activities of the German Navy, the ‘Kriegsmarine’, and report back to the allies. Using his charm and charisma, Franz manipulates the men he gets close to, makes women fall in love with him, and snakes his way into the German elite.

With the threat of his cover being blown at any moment, entangled in relationships with three different women, and suspected of treason by the Germans and the Poles, he must break all the rules and completely change his value system to survive. Leading the audience to ask whether honor matters if everything around you is a lie?

Poland-based Akson Studio produced, and TVP commissioned the series. The screenplay is co-written by Michał Godzic and Wojciech Lepianka. 

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