Q&A with Cabbage Film Factory's Szabolcs Moradi

Producer Szabolcs Moradi details what makes Cabbage Film Factory stand out from the crowd

By Sponsored Content 18 Jun 2024

Q&A with Cabbage Film Factory's Szabolcs Moradi
Filming with Cabbage Film Factory

Cabbage Film Factory, located in the heart of Budapest, have decades of experience under their belt. Ahead of Cannes Lions, Cabbage Film Factory producer Szabolcs Moradi spoke to KFTV about what makes the family-run company unique, and Hungary's developing infrastructure.

What is Cabbage Film Factory mission statement and ethos?

Cabbage Film Factory is a family-owned production service company based in Budapest with almost 30 years of experience in the creative industry. 

Cabbage approaches each project with the same love and dynamism. Anyone who becomes our client will meet honest and friendly professionals taking care of their productions.

What services does Cabbage Film Factory provide?

Cabbage can service all kinds of jobs. We continue to work with agencies, production companies and brands. We have our permanent production crew and post-production specialist in-house. We can fully service films, commercials, music videos, documentaries or any VFX -heavy projects.

What specialist skillsets distinguish Cabbage Film Factory from competition?

The specs of out studio building and our vast knowledge of every aspect of the industry. 

Have there been any recent developments with local studios, financial incentives, infrastructure in Hungary, and what are the benefits of those changes for those potential clients? 

Hungary has plenty of big sound stages that have been widely used for big Hollywood movies. There are some ongoing developments in some of the studios, so Hungary will continue to be able to take on big projects in the future. 

What is the most challenging element of a production that you have been part of, and how do you overcome those challenges?

We always have challenging moments in every production — as with every other production house — but we enjoy challenges, and finding creative solutions for them.

What are the biggest differences between the types of productions that Cabbage Film Factory works on?

We work on all types and sizes of projects. A client can contact us with a small localisation project or a big international advertising production that we shoot either in Hungary or abroad, and we will be able to facilitate them.

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