Netflix, Taiwan's Golden Horse partner on VFX and production workshops in Korea

Creative professionals from Taiwan led the workshops at the Netflix Korea office

By Gabriella Geisinger 9 Jul 2024

Netflix, Taiwan's Golden Horse partner on VFX and production workshops in Korea
Workshop participants; Cr: Netflix

Netflix and Taiwan's Golden Horse Masterclass Program hosted visual effects and virtual production workshops as part of their ongoing partnership dedicated to boosting the below-the-line production landscape in Korea.

Nearly 30 filmmakers from Taiwan participated in a series of sharing by the Netflix Korea VFX and Virtual Production team. 

Sessions were led by Sunny Park (Director of VFX & Virtual Production), Yeongmin Shin (VFX Manager), Jin Kim (Virtual Production Manager) and Stephen Hwang (Ecosystem Program Development Manager) from the Netflix Korea team. The workshop explored how Netflix collaborates with VFX and virtual production studios in Korea.

Attendees received practical tips on VFX and virtual application in production, along with insights from cross-market discussions on the current production landscape.

Park said, “We hope that sharing our VFX and virtual production experience in Korea will help attendees in their future work, and we look forward to seeing more amazing projects from Taiwan.”

Filmtailor Studio’s Visual Effects supervisor Wells Tu, who previously worked on the thriller series Copycat Killer, added, “Virtual production is revolutionizing content production, bringing remarkable changes to workflows and the entertainment industry as a whole."

RENO Studio visual effects supervisor Tomi Kuo, who is currently working on the upcoming Netflix Chinese-language series Agent from Above, said: “A key takeaway is that Netflix collaborates with VFX companies, discussing and resolving issues together, allowing the work to progress."

This VFX and virtual production workshop marks Netflix’s second partnership with the Golden Horse Masterclass Program. It follows a colour grading and VFX masterclass led by Kevin Kang, Director of Production Solutions, Netflix APAC, in Taiwan last year, and is part of Netflix’s continuous efforts to engage with and contribute to local creative communities.

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