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g u i d e t o f i l m & t v f i n a n c e
w i t h t h e n e t h e r l a n d s f i l m f u n d & n e t h e r l a n d s f i l m c omm i s s i o n
R o b e r t s o n t a y l o r w & P L o n g r e a c h
s p o n s o r e d f e a t u r e
Our aim is always to provide the broadest protection, at
the most competitive premium, backed up by excellent
levels of service and expertise. So we’re happy to take
calls at any time.
Productions on deep sea diving and filming with wild
animals, we’ve done it all.
expert advice 24/7: “Productions need to feel
safe in our hands, so we maintain a constant
flow of communication with production
companies from pre-production right through
principal photography and up until delivery.
Because of the nature of this business,
insurance policies constantly evolve to cover
different filming activities and unexpected
issues that crop up daily. So we really do build
strong relationships where we are talking to
clients most days.”
Alsworth cites various reasons why a
producer may need insurance: “Often
producers will need to adhere to contractual
obligations; for example Public Liability is
needed for a filming location and equipment
insurance to rent equipment. There are also
financier, broadcaster, distributor and bond
company insurance requirements. There may
also be legal obligations to take out certain
insurance policies; motor insurance and
Employers Liability for example.
A typical policy is a ‘production insurance
package’ made up of different sections of
cover: Public Liability, Employers Liability,
Equipment, Props, Sets, Wardrobe and more.
For example, cover can include additional
costs incurred due to delays to the shooting
schedule if a lead actor becomes unwell or
suffers an injury during filming. Rescheduling
shoots can be costly so it’s important to know
you have an insurance policy in place to react
at such times.”
Rhona has also devised solutions for weird
and wonderful situations. “I insured a TV
documentary where the production company
built a small rocket that could fly so high
that we had to look at getting a space
policy,” recalls Alsworth, “I’ve also insured TV
documentaries travelling to warzones such as
Companies that have worked with
Robertson Taylor are big fans. Yu-Fai
Suen of Rocket Pictures says: “We are
delighted to recommend RT for their depth
of experience, service and competitiveness
for film and corporate insurances. RT has
provided prompt and knowledgeable advice
at all times”.
Equally positive is Gina Carter of Sprout
Films, who says: “Rhona and the team are
excellent at catering to our specific insurance
needs for the company and on individual
projects. They offer invaluable flexibility and
are always quick to answer any queries we
have on our existing policies.
They also offer new quotes along with
invaluable advice when we need it.”
Additionally, in April this year, Robertson Taylor
was awarded a Queen’s Award for Enterprise,
a highly coveted business accolade which
recognises business achievement both in the
UK and overseas.
Anyone who wants to find out more can
contact the company for an initial assessment
and quote. “Our aim is always to provide the
broadest protection, at the most competitive
premium, backed up by excellent levels of
service and expertise. So we’re happy to take
calls at any time,” said Alsworth.
For more information, visit:
ased in the City of London and with
offices in the USA and Canada,
Robertson Taylor provides cover for
all sorts of productions, says head of film and
TV Rhona Alsworth: “Robertson Taylor’s staff
have vast experience in insuring everything
from large live action and animation feature
films to low budget movies and shorts. We
also insure TV productions across all genres
from period dramas to sitcoms, reality
shows, game shows, sporting events and
documentaries that film in war torn areas and
remote locations… think Arctic, Amazon and
the Congo.
“Productions on deep sea diving and
filming with wild animals, we’ve done it all.”
Recent credits include Derek, Misfits, 71, Epic
and Nicole Kidman’s recent movie, Before I
Go To Sleep.
Having spent 13 years in film and TV
insurance, Alsworth believes Robertson
Taylor’s status as a media industry specialist
gives it an edge over rivals: “We’re 100%
focused on delivering excellent services to
clients who work in fast-paced environments
that require responsive and experienced
support. Because every film and TV show
is unique, they bring their own insurance
requirements – which can be complicated. So
it is important for producers and production
managers to work with a specialist broker that
has a detailed understanding of the insurance
policy and the type of project they are working
Not only that, she adds, but Robertson Taylor
understands the importance of providing
Robertson Taylor is a privately-owned global insurance broker offering specialist advice and insurance across
the film and television industry, as well as to music concerts, theatre productions, sports teams, athletes and
high net worth clients.
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