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Nicholas Hoult in Jaguar's 'British Intelligence' campaign

British actor Nicholas Hoult is the latest star of Jaguar’s ongoing ‘British Intelligence’ campaign.

The ad launched in the US a few days ago, and continues the ‘British Villains’ campaign, which has so far featured Tom Hiddleston, Mark Strong and Sir Ben Kingsley and which was launched during this year’s Super Bowl broadcast.

Jaguar campaign Nicholas Hoult

Oscar-winning director Tom Hooper is back at the helm of the new TV ad, which is called The Innovation Lab and which was produced by Smuggler.

In the classy, highly cinematic spot which launches globally in the New Year, we see Hoult - “the brains behind the villainous operation” - showcasing the cutting edge technology of Jaguar in the innovation lab as he explains, “A villain is only as good as the technology at his fingertips”.

Spark 44 is the agency behind the campaign; the company’s creative director, Matt Page, said of the lead actor, “In casting Hoult, a young, good looking and charismatic actor with just the right amount of eccentric British charm, we found our boy genius."




Creative communications agency - Spark44

Chief creative officer - Werner Krainz, Spark44

Creative directors - John Sutcliffe, Martin Cox, Matt Page, Ryan Moore, Spark44

Director of integrated production - Michael de Vries, Spark 44

Director - Tom Hooper 

Production Company - Smuggler Films

Producer - Molly Pope, Smuggler Films

Production manager - Fiona Martin, Smuggler Films

Editor - Melanie Ann Oliver, Speade

Post production/VXF - The Mill

Executive producer - Chris Batten, The Mill

Composition/Composer - Alexandre Desplat

Sound - Grand Central Recording Studios

Music - London Symphony Orchestra, Abbey Road

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