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Vancouver Island to open new film studio

Man of Steel

Vancouver Island Film Studios is scheduled to open in early 2018, offering producers facilities that will include three sound stages.

Vancouver Island lies ten miles off the coast of British Columbia and stretches nearly 300 miles down the coast of the western Canadian province. 

The island’s proximity to Vancouver has helped turn it into a popular filming location.

In recent years, movies such as Man of Steel, Godzilla and War for the Planet of the Apes have filmed there, often using the landscapes as doubles for other parts of the world.

“British Columbia is one of the top centres for screen production excellence in North America,” said Lisa Beare, British Columbia’s minister for tourism, arts and culture.

“Vancouver Island Film Studios will become an important contributor to our province's film production industry and a pivotal part of the creative economy.

"The new facility will draw production to the island, lifting the economy, creating jobs for local talent and generating spinoff revenue for numerous local businesses.”

The city of Vancouver, a couple of hours’ by road and ferry from Vancouver Island, is one of Canada’s top production hubs, with production spending in British Columbia as a whole surging by 35% to CA$2.6bn in the last financial year. The province’s tax credit support, locations and proximity to Los Angeles generate a continuing demand for studio space.

Recently-opened production facilities include Martini Film Studios, which offers 150,000 sq ft of stage space in the east of the city, and Skydance Studios, which opened five stages this time last year.

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Image: Warner Bros.