Major new $350m film studio to be built in Ghana

Los Angeles born entrepreneur Nana Dakrabo I is partnering with WEG Studios to develop a Hollywood ecosystem in Ghana

By Priyanca Rajput 16 May 2022

Major new $350m film studio to be built in Ghana
Credit: @nanadakrabo via Instagram

Los Angeles-born entrepreneur Nana Dakrabo I (also known as Michael B. Pratt) has partnered with WEG Studios in Washington, DC, musician/producer Koby Maxwell and actor Michael Blackson to build a film studio and production house in Ghana.

Dakrabo 1 Studios will be spread over 321 acres of land in Ghana and include seven sound stages, a 240-acre backlot, a blue-screen water tank, a recording studio, pre/post-production facilities, screening theaters, a concert hall, office space, a hotel for cast and crews, and a film & music school. 

The studio will capitalise on the African film market by acquiring a large share of productions from neighbouring countries, as well as attract international film, TV and commercial projects. It is also expected to create thousands of jobs for the local entertainment industry.

In a statement, Dakrabo I said: “Entertainment is my biggest passion. I was born in Los Angeles and raised around celebrities and executives. Essentially, I was raised around Hollywood and now I get to bring Hollywood to Ghana.”

He added: “My vision is to develop a Hollywood ecosystem in Ghana. Beyond the film studio, I want to see professionals in all creative industries realise their ‘Hollywood’ dreams without leaving the continent and to see a thriving entertainment industry, that attracts talent and attention from all over the world.”

Speaking about the film & music school, Dakrabo I said, “Our education and technology partners are working together to create an educational experience that allows industry leading teachers from Los Angeles to teach virtually in Ghana. It’s critical that we properly educate aspiring professionals on best practices and techniques directly from the industry’s best. This will allow us to create content at a caliber that rivals a Hollywood blockbuster.”

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