Q&A with Mexico's Meraki Content producer Nicolas Mandri-Perrott

Mexico has a combination of “natural beauty, multicultural richness, experienced talent, cutting-edge equipment and affordability,“ says the producer 

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Q&A with Mexico's Meraki Content producer Nicolas Mandri-Perrott
Nicolas Mandri-Perrott. Credit: Nick/Meraki

KFTV speaks to Nicolas (Nick) Mandri-Perrott, content producer at Mexican production company Meraki Content, about what sets them apart from competition, the appeal of filming in the country and some of the untapped locations known only to locals. 

Meraki Content is a Mexican production company with a specialised approach to audiovisual production and a team that boasts over 20 years in the industry.

Tell me about Meraki Content and the services you provide

While we have been in existence for only 5 years, our founders boast 20 years of experience in the local industry as well as in providing services for foreign production companies. Our team is full of experienced professionals who are dedicated to bringing fresh and innovative ideas to every project we undertake. 

We take pride in our philosophy, which is reflected in our name; Meraki is a Greek word that describes doing something with passion, creativity, or love, putting a piece of oneself into one's work and we put our hearts and souls into every project we take on.

What projects have you completed in recent years?

Movistar - Love, Citibanamex - Prioridades, Chips - Papas de verdad, Sam’s - Fin irresistible

What specialist equipment or skillset distinguish you from local competition?

We understand that prompt communication and decision-making are essential components of successful production services. That's why we consider our ability to respond quickly and effectively to our clients' requests to be one of our most important skills. 

Our communication processes are carefully managed and supervised by our partners, who take the lead in making the decisions and alternatives required for each project. While we do have executive producers on our team, we believe that having the partners involved in every aspect of the production process is essential to our success. 

What is appealing about filming in Mexico?

Mexico has emerged as a sought-after destination for filmmakers worldwide, thanks to its abundance of breathtaking locations, rich cultural heritage, and diverse talent pool. The country boasts a range of stunning settings, from vibrant cities to idyllic villages, pristine beaches, and lush forests, providing filmmakers with ample opportunities to capture a perfect backdrop for their productions.

In addition to its varied locations, Mexico's unique cultural heritage lends authenticity to historical dramas, period pieces, documentaries and other productions that require a sense of place and time. Moreover, Mexico's vibrant art scene provides filmmakers with an array of artistic settings to choose from, adding an extra dimension of creativity to their productions.

Mexico's well-established film industry is renowned for its experienced and skilled crews, actors, and technicians. The country's state-of-the-art film equipment empowers filmmakers to bring their visions to life using cutting-edge technology. Additionally, Mexico's affordability is a major advantage, with the government offering tax incentives and rebates for foreign productions. Its proximity to Hollywood and other major film hubs in the US also makes it a convenient location for productions looking to save on travel and logistics costs.

Overall, Mexico's combination of natural beauty, multicultural richness, experienced talent, cutting-edge equipment and affordability makes it an appealing choice for filmmakers worldwide.

Where are some of the undiscovered filming locations in Mexico that filmmakers may benefit from?

Merida, located in the southeast state of Yucatan, offers breathtaking colonial architecture and stunning natural wonders such as beaches and cenotes (natural pit), making it a versatile filming location. Another recommended state is Hidalgo, with its wide variety of climates and close proximity to Mexico City. What sets Hidalgo apart is its strong commitment to the audiovisual industry, offering numerous facilities and resources to support film productions. Queretaro is another exciting state that has invested in its film industry, boasting modern facilities like the Queretaro Film and Media Park. 

Oaxaca is another state that offers a wealth of cultural and natural wonders that are perfect for filmmakers. With its stunning landscapes, colourful architecture, and unique traditions. Its diverse geography ranges from lush forests and mountains to arid deserts and coastal regions, making it a versatile location for any type of film project. Additionally, the state is known for its vibrant arts and crafts scene, traditional cuisine, and rich history, offering filmmakers a truly immersive cultural experience. Oaxaca is undoubtedly a hidden gem in Mexico that is waiting to be discovered by the film industry.

Please comment on Mexico's infrastructure

Over the past three years, Mexico has emerged as a leading destination for film  in the region, thanks in part to its rich historical legacy in the film industry. During the golden age of Mexican cinema in the 1950’s, our country played a significant role in the global entertainment industry, leaving a lasting legacy that continues to this day.

As a result, Mexico has developed an infrastructure that rivals any of the major players in the film industry, and our crews boast decades of experience at the highest level of production. This expertise has not gone unnoticed by major film and television companies such as Netflix, Disney, and HBO, who have recognised the potential of Mexico's infrastructure and cost-effectiveness. Production services in Mexico grew by an impressive 150% in 2022 alone, highlighting the country's increasing importance as a hub for film production. 

Please comment on Mexico's film incentive

Mexico offers a Film Fund incentive to support a wide range of qualifying productions, including theatrical and documentary feature films, TV series, commercials, post-production/special effects for film and TV, video/online gaming production, and training programs. In addition, recoverable VAT/GST/Sales Tax and funding up to 7.5% of Mexican qualified spend are also available. 

This article was written by Priyanca Rajput

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