Exclusive: Vision Team to add four studios to its Serbia complex by September

Firefly also expected to open its new Belgrade-based studio complex at the same time next year

By Chris Evans 26 Nov 2021

Exclusive: Vision Team to add four studios to its Serbia complex by September
Vision Team stage

Serbian company Vision Team is set to add four new studios to its existing film and TV complex in Belgrade to help attract more productions.

The complex already consists of three modern studio facilities over more than 23,000 square meters and will have four more by next year. The largest will be 2,000 sq m and the other three 1,200 sq m.

Situated just 15 minutes from downtown Belgrade, the site will also add the same amount of additional space for offices and storage.

The site already offers private parking, wardrobe and make-up rooms, full-service catering, production offices, live streaming capability and large roller door for direct loading.

Vision Team is a full-service equipment company, and ARRI rental partner, so can supply filming equipment to productions that shoot in the complex.

The company also recently started independent production of features and TV series, so can work with international producers on projects.

The studio expansion is expected to be completed by September 2022.

Meanwhile, Firefly started construction on Firefly Studios outside Belgrade, housing two sound stages of 2,000 square metres and 800 square metres, with four hectares of backlot, production offices, water tank, horse stables and related facilities. The complex will be fully operational in September 2022.

Stunning Serbia

Serbia is proving to be a very popular filming spot thanks to an enticing 25% cash rebate, great locations and a growing studio infrastructure. Recent international projects to shoot there include Rian Johnson’s Knives Out sequel for Netflix; The CW series The Outpost at PFI Studios; and Legendary Entertainment’s The Machine, starring Mark Hamill.

“We are so grateful for the warm welcome and support we’ve received from the local community as well as the many Serbian film professionals that also served as members of the cast and crew,” says The Machine’s producer Peter Atencio.

"The 25% cash rebate is one of the benefits of filming in Serbia,” adds Jonathan English, founder of local outfit Balkanic Media, which is co-producing The Machine and The Outpost. “It pays out within about 90 days of submitting the final audit and is very reliable. This has become a cornerstone for most of the international productions choosing Serbia.”


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